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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Mergix?

    Mergix is an online platform, which helps you deal with duplicated contacts on the Android, iOS and Windows devices.
  2. Do I need to install anything to my Smartphone or PC to use Mergix?

    No, Mergix is working on the cloud. It is a completely online tool.
  3. Is it possible to restore deleted data?

    Yes, it is possible to restore the latest backup. We are making backups of your data before any processing. If you do not have a Google account (to store the data), you will be informed with a message before the processing.
  4. Where does Mergix store personal data?

    Mergix does not store any personal data on its servers. All backups are stored in your Google account. Mergix is a totally safe online tool.
  5. Can I add as much devices as I need to Mergix?

  6. Are there any limitations of the free version of Mergix?

    Yes, the number of connected devices is limited to one. The free version user are not able to process junk and similar contacts.
  7. What is “similar contacts”?

    Contacts that have identical information in some fields, as well as some different information, too.
  8. What is “junk contacts”?

    Contacts are considered as junk, if no more than one field is filled with information.
  9. What is “duplicated contact”?

    Contacts are considered as duplicates, if both have identical information.
  10. What type of services does Mergix support?

    Now Mergix supports Apple, Google, Exchange services. Autodiscovery of credentials must be turned on.
  11. I have some more questions, how can I contact you?

    You can write us an email, contact us via live chat, or call via phone.