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How to Delete Duplicate Contacts on Android? [Free]

Remove, merge, clean duplicate Android contacts

As soon as you unpack your new Android phone and sign into all the apps and email accounts, contact duplicates seem to start appearing out of nowhere. This might be caused by many reasons. You might've changed a SIM card and synchronized all the contacts. But usually, most of contact duplicates appear after you connect various accounts to your phone, where all of them are interacting with your local Android address book.

As time goes by, the problem gets even bigger. Have you ever sent a message to someone's old number without receiving a response? All incomplete, old and duplicated Android contacts become a mess in your address book. Are there any good solutions to help you out?

You can delete duplicate contacts on Android manually if you have plenty of time and patience. There are also hundreds of apps for contact deduplication these days. So it is easy to get lost.

We decided to offer you an elegant and easy approach for this boring problem - Mergix Cloud App. It is a new solution to delete duplicate contacts on Android for Free!

Delete duplicate contacts on your Android [the easy way]

We'll show you how to delete duplicate contacts on Android using Mergix.

It’s free and it takes only a few minutes, if not less. And you will not only clean your contact duplicates, but always have your Android clean of duplicated contacts, without too much of an effort.

The best thing about all this - there's nothing to install!

Step 1: Get started

You can reach your Mergix account from any device including your Android phone! Just open the browser and enter

After signing up (you can simply use your Facebook or Google account), you’ll be able to select the device you want to scan.

Enter the name of your Android and select all the accounts you want to be scanned [Google/iCloud/Exchange].

Step 2: Search for duplicates

Now select SEARCH FOR DUPLICATES. Shortly, you'll see a search report.

It should take a minute or two, but you can always cancel and come back later. In case you exit your browser by mistake, you should receive the report in your mailbox and it will be valid for one hour.

Step 3: Search Report

In the report, you will be able to see:

  • your total number of contacts scanned;
  • duplicates contacts to merge;
  • junk contacts;
  • similar contacts.

Before merging your contacts, you will be able to review each of them.

If you're using a Free Mergix account , you can merge all Duplicate contacts on your Android phone. You can also see how many junk and similar contacts you have, and even go through them. Mergix will take care of your contacts as long as you want it. You'll be able to merge duplicate contacts on Android within unlimited number of accounts, for unlimited time!

For users who want to take care of all devices the same way, there is a Premium subscription. If you're looking for an advanced version and wish to clean all of your devices, choose the Premium version. You'll be able to remove junk contacts (incomplete, one-field entries, manually merge similar contacts (containing similar information).

The subscription fee now starts at $3.33/month.

Of course, there are other ways. Mergix is simply the easiest. But it's always good to know your options.

Link duplicate contacts on Android manually

The downside of this way is being time consuming. It's also a good place for errors. But apart from that, it is so simple. And if you have just a couple of contacts dupes on your Android, that could be the best fit for you.

Here's how it's done:

Open your contacts app, scroll down till you see a couple of duplicate contacts you'd like to merge or remove. Open one of them and look for the More menu (three vertical dots). It looks different on every Android phone and might be right next to the Home button on your screen. Then tap on Link and look for a contact to merge with.

Select the contact you want to link it with and tap on DONE. Your contacts are linked now! (You can also repeat that action and link multiple duplicate Android contacts).

Now, when you open your address book, you will be able to see them as one contact. Don't worry, if you make a mistake, you can always unlink them after!

As mentioned in the beginning, Android contacts usually multiply because your address book syncs contacts from various different sources. Since every Android phone is slightly different, there's no way to say where exactly you should go to solve this problem, but you should usually start looking within the contacts app.

The first thing you can try to look for is the setting, allowing you to show only contacts with phone numbers. That should remove a good part of Android duplicate contacts.

Also, for decreasing a chance of having duplicate contacts on Android, look for the Accounts list. You should be able to manually select and deselect accounts that your phone is synchronized with. We recommend that you keep one account only (ex. google).

If you already have plenty of duplicates and want to easily get rid of them, try Mergix. It will merge duplicate contacts on your Android for free. Check out the video about how to get started:

If you have any other tips on keeping your Android duplicate free, please leave a comment bellow!

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