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How to remove duplicate contacts from Gmail?

If you’re using Gmail contacts and find yourself getting lost in more and more duplicates, Google offers you a way to remove them. It's really easy and we will show you how to do it.

After auto-merging, some Gmail contacts duplicates might be left, and merging them manually could be daunting and take a lot of time if you have many of them. The Mergix web app uses a smart algorithm and will handle your Gmail contacts duplicates much faster, and you can merge contacts across multiple Google accounts! More than that, it will merge contacts across Exchange and iCloud accounts.

It's also free for one device or service, so it will remove/merge gmail duplicates just fine!

Removing Duplicate Google Contacts

First of all we'll show you how to remove duplicate Gmail contacts from Google:

Log in to your Google account and access your Gmail Inbox. On the top left side of the screen click on Gmail with arrow facing down and access your Contacts.

If your dashboard looks like in the picture below, select “Try Contacts preview" on the left side-bar.

Then simply tap on “find Duplicates” on the left menu. This view will be displayed:

You can merge them all or select specific contacts you want to merge. It’s as easy as that!

Now, Google algorithm might not catch all the duplicates. In this case, you’ll have to select the contacts for manual merging. Select the contacts you want to merge and click on the Merge icon on the top-right

Remove/merge gmail duplicates contacts automatically

If you’re looking for an easier solution for removing Gmail duplicates, Mergix will fit for this job perfectly.

It’s a semi-automatic web app to merge Google Contact duplicates in Gmail. Removing and merging duplicates will be done automatically, similar contacts can be reviewed and merged manually in an easy manner. It is accessible online and is easy to use.

Find and remove duplicate contacts across Google, iCloud and Exchange accounts

Mergix solves duplicates problem from the roots – it cleans and merges contacts across all your accounts: iCloud, Outlook365, Exchange, multiple Gmail accounts. You end up with a clean and unified contacts list.

The best thing about using Mergix - you get all your devices unduplicated – no more need for different services and apps on each device.

How to use Mergix to remove Gmail Contacts duplicates

Using Mergix is really easy and will take just a few minutes if not less. First, log in to and select an Email account for deduplication, enter the name and click "Next".

Now select a Gmail account you want to be scanned and click on "Search for duplicates".

Mergix will scan your contacts in each of the selected sources. You'll soon be presented with a search report:

If you're using a free Mergix account, you'll be able to merge Gmail duplicates.

Mergix is an app built on a smart algorithm. The Premium subscription allows you to detect and delete junk (one-field) contacts and manually merge similar ones. You can also use it for unlimited number of devices and accounts.

The pricing starts at $3.33/month.

Check out the video to see how Mergix works:

If you have any tips for cleaning Gmail contacts, comment below!

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