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How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android?

Last week we introduced you few simple methods how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android. This time, we're going to share with you great tips on how you can move contacts from iPhone to Android device.

Migrate contacts from iPhone to Android

There are two simple ways of transferring contacts from iPhone to Android. To start with you need to have iCloud and Google accounts created.

Option #1

You can simply export your contact list from iPhone using your iCloud account.

Sign into iCloud on your computer and then, click Contacts. Once you get to the next screen, select All Contacts and hit Command+A or CTRL+A to select all contacts.

After that, click the gear icon and Export vCard.

Once the ensuing window opens, select all of your contacts again with Command+A and right-click on any contact. Choose Export vCard, name the vCard, and choose your desired location.

Your contacts will download as a VCF file and you can either email it to yourself, or directly import to Google.

To do so, log into Google contacts in your browser. On the left hand side you should see the Import contacts… option. Click on it, then Choose file, and navigate to the vCard that you saved from iCloud.

If you had a Google account prior to this process, you will notice that your contacts list is now much larger and probably contains duplicates. You may need to spend some time deleting or modifying duplicates manually. Luckily, Google offers a Merge contacts tool which is designed to do the same thing.

If you want to try it, click the downward arrow of the More button.

The drop-down menu gives you the option to Find & merge duplicates. Selecting this option tells Google to automatically search your contacts for duplicates.

You can also give a try of new Mergix duplicate contacts remover. Cloud-based service will look for duplicates and remove them automatically from you Google/Gmail account, as well as, from iCloud, Outlook Exchange and more.

Check out more how to remove duplicate contacts from Gmail account using Mergix.

Option #2

Think of using the vCardWizard tool for this case. vCard Wizard provides fast and simple way to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, as well as, to iPad, Mac, PC or save them as a vCard (vcf) file.

Before starting to move your contacts, make sure you have iCloud enabled on your iPhone, as well as, Google Account on your Android device.

Follow these simple steps to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android:

1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone, tap on iCloud, Sign in and turn on Contacts in the list of iCloud services;
2. Download vCardWizard, install and launch on your PC;

3. Select iCloud as a contacts source. Log in and click Next;

4. Select Google as your destination source and click Next;

5. Choose the contacts you want to transfer from iPhone, confirm your selection and click Transfer;

In just a few seconds, the contacts you have transferred will appear in your Gmail contacts and connected Android devices.

Once you have all contacts in Google, add Google account to your Android device and you will see all contacts in your address book. That's the easiest way to perform your contacts migration.

Find and Remove Duplicate Contacts on Android

After moving your contacts from one device to another, make sure that no duplicates have appeared on your Android contact list.

vCard Wizard offers basic duplicate management options, allowing you to select a few duplicate resolution options. However, you might not be able to see each duplicated contact and manually select whether to keep or remove it from the contact list.

If you want something more advanced, we highly recommend that you use Mergix. This app cleans duplicate contacts from iPhone, Android and other devices. It is free if you need to run a scan and remove duplicate contacts from a single device.

Go to, add your device and all connected accounts – iCloud, Google, Gmail, Outlook Exchange and start the scan.

Shortly, you'll receive a search report with detected duplicates, similar and junk contacts between the accounts.

Mergix is a really great choice for keeping your contacts free of duplicates.

We hope that these tips will help you easily transfer contacts from iPhone to Android. If you have additional information, please let us know.

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